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Don Wayne Reno

Published on Mar 28, 2012

Don Wayne Reno and Nellie dropped by for a jam last night and I used iMovie to catch DW playing a single string version of 'Bully of the Town'. I think you will enjoy it. It made my jaw drop. Even Eddie Adcock was impressed. Plus the banjo is Nellie herself. A piece of bluegrass history.

Don Wayne Reno

A sample from "Bluegrass Banjo Don Reno Style"

The legendary Don Reno is revered in American bluegrass history for his improvisational flair, technical skills and good-humored personality. The Reno banjo style he created melds traditional bluegrass breakdowns with chord-based solos, percussive techniques and flamboyant single-string runs. Don taught his groundbreaking banjo techniques to his son, Don Wayne Reno, who now passes it on -- with lots of his dad's great advice -- to all aspiring players.

Reno & Harrell

"Dollar Down" played by the Reno & Harrell bluegrass band in 2013,

Tennessee Blues

Tennessee Blues by Reno & Harrell

Reno and Smiley

Here are a collection of songs by Don Reno and his friend Red Smiley.

Don Wayne Reno

Tennessee Stomp played by Don Wayne Reno

Banjo played by Don Wayne Reno Mandolin played by Dale Reno

Interstate Eighty One.
Banjo played by Don Wayne Reno
Mandolin played by Dale Reno