Dale Reno Biography

Dale Reno Biography

Dale Reno
Dale Reno

Born February 6th 1961. Roanoke Virginia (to) Donald Wesley Reno and Betty Jane Reno. My music career is simple. I love music! I grew up in a house full of music. Myself being the second son of the great Don Reno. I fell in love with musical instruments at the tender age of ten. I took it upon myself to build my first set of drums. They were built out of old paint cans I found in the garage. The guitar came next when I was 11. Dad was the one who began to teach me of course. I attended a Bill Monroe Festival with Dad and Bill Harrell at age 12. That is where I saw Marty Stuart pickin a mandolin with Lester Flatt. I was "Mandolin Struck" to the fullest! I have been playing one ever since.
By then I was a full member of Dad and Bill's Band. "The Tennessee Cut-ups" along with Buck Ryan (Fiddle) and Ed Ferris (Bass). I grew up on the road and was blessed with being around the greatest musicians in the world. I took advantage of that too!
Studying my mandolin heroes and getting a few private sessions in the process. I have had the honor of playing in some great bands and I hope you folks will enjoy the next phase of my career. "Reno & Harrell" "Sons of the Legends"

Bands played with :

  • Don Reno, Bill Harrell and The Tennessee Cut-ups
  • Don Reno and The Tennessee Cut-ups
  • The Reno Brothers
  • Lonesome Standard Time
  • Larry Sparks and the Lonesome Ramblers
  • Tom Wopat
  • Hayseed Dixie
  • Country Fried Grass
  • Grass to the Bone
  • Reno & Harrell (Sons of the Legends)


  • Don Reno
  • Ronnie Reno
  • Bill Monroe
  • Red Rector
  • Frank Wakefield
  • Marty Stuart
  • Jimmy Geaudreau
  • John Duffy
  • Sam Bush
  • Butch Robins
  • Hershel Sizemore
  • Buck White
  • Herb Lambert
  • Dewey Farmer
  • Ricky Skaggs
  • David Grisman
  • Eddie Adcock
  • John Fogerty

I live to make people smile. I believe music and laughter are two of the greatest gifts God gave us.
I'll do my best to do those things till I am too old to do so.

But guess what.... I will never grow up!
Thanks to all... and God Bless!