"Bully of the Town" by Don Wayne Reno picking good old Nellie

Don Wayne Reno

Published on Mar 28, 2012

Don Wayne Reno and Nellie dropped by for a jam last night and I used iMovie to catch DW playing a single string version of 'Bully of the Town'. I think you will enjoy it. It made my jaw drop. Even Eddie Adcock was impressed. Plus the banjo is Nellie herself. A piece of bluegrass history.

Don Wayne was running late and we only had time to do a rushed one-time cut of 'Bully'. Not even time to check tuning. So every note from beginning to was captured on video for you. I took two views of the same scene and strung them together back-to-back so it's sort of a banjo picker's dream, visually speaking. You get to watch both hands from two angles.

I'll get him to do some picking in a more relaxed setting. Nellie doesn't get out very often and sometimes she is a little cranky.
by Richard Dress