Bluegrass Biographies

Mitch Harrell

Mitch Harrell

I was born in WashingtoN, DC on August 6, 1963 (I wanted to be near my mother!)
Funny thing about that eventful day, is that my parents were in little fender bender on the way to the hospital that involved a gentleman who was in the military.
He refused to move his car until the local military police came to the scene...Now beng a fomer military man himself, that didn't go over very well with my father, who'd jump over a hot steak dinner to get in a 'scrap'!

Don Wayne Reno Biography

Don Wayne Reno

I was born on Feb 8th 1963 in Roanoke Virginia. My folks are Don Wesley Reno and Betty Reno.
Our family moved to Nashville in 1965 then later moved to Maryland in 1967 where Dad (Don) partnered up with Bill Harrell. This is when I get interested in music and started learning how to play the guitar. I next learned to play the Bass. I was about 12 years old when I got my first banjo and the "banjo bug".

Dale Reno Biography

Dale Reno

Born February 6th 1961. Roanoke Virginia (to) Donald Wesley Reno and Betty Jane Reno. My music career is simple. I love music! I grew up in a house full of music. Myself being the second son of the great Don Reno. I fell in love with musical instruments at the tender age of ten. I took it upon myself to build my first set of drums. They were built out of old paint cans I found in the garage. The guitar came next when I was 11. Dad was the one who began to teach me of course. I attended a Bill Monroe Festival with Dad and Bill Harrell at age 12.

Bill Harrell Biography

Bill Harrell

Bill Harrell has been a major figure in Bluegrass for almost five decades. Like the Country Gentlemen, Buzz Busby, the Bluegrass Champs and Benny & Vallie Cain, Bill contributed greatly to the growth of Bluegrass in the Washington, D.C. area.

Don Wesley Reno Biography

Don Wesley Reno

Born in Buffalo, South Carolina, Don Reno grew up on a farm in Haywood County, North Carolina. He began playing the banjo at the age of five. His father gave him a guitar four years later; and in 1939 12-year-old Reno joined the Morris Brothers in performing at a local radio station.[2] He left one year later to join Arthur Smith, with whom he would years later record "Feudin' Banjos". In 1943 he received an offer from Bill Monroe to become a member of the Bluegrass Boys, but chose instead to enlist in the United States Army.